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    Kazkom Hackhaton

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    Kazkom conjunction with Visa provided the opportunity to all interested developers and students to express themselves and demonstrate their capabilities in the development of services and applications.
    As for the participants it was organized a presentation demonstrating the new technology from Kazkom conjunction with Visa, which “will turn” payments market and the traditional way of shopping.
    The competition was held in two categories:
    1. Ideas in implementing iBeacon technology (use of behavioral data) and open banking from Kazkom.
    2. The best IT-solution from Visa.

    Team participated at iBeacon technology use section. They suggested a mobile application for giving quick feedback to customer service.

    Participation in Tech Garden Cup


    Our team participated in Tech Garden Cup in Almaty, and took the prize from Microsoft. The device, created by team, records data of gyroscope and GPS module, then sends to cloud Microsoft Azure to analyze. According to data in tables web app shows coordinates on map by putting some specific icons.